Flat Rate Pricing

Wholesale SKU's


Items purchased directly from brands or distributors.

Includes reception, inspection, labeling, and general shipping of the items.

Retail Arbitrage SKU's


Items purchased from retail stores.

Includes reception, inspection, labeling, and general shipping of items.

Bundling/Poly Bagging


Multipacks and Combinations

Items requiring bundling and/or poly bagging will incur an additional $.35 of fees.

Includes "Sold as a Set" labels.
Oversize items (larger than 24 inches per any side) will incur an additional $2 fee per item.

Bubble Wrap


Fragile/ Glass

Items requiring bubble wrap will incur an additional charge of $.60/ wrapped item.

Fulfillment Services

Our box rates are as follows; 

Small ($1.50) [12x12x6]
Medium ($2.25) [16x16x10]
Large ($2.75) [22x18x18]
XL ($4.25) [24x22x18]

Pallet Prep - $15/pallet. Includes the pallet, shrink wrap, pallet labels, pallet measuring, and shipment coordination. If we can reuse your pallet this will only be $7.50.

Storage - Items stored at our facility will be charged at a rate of $0.35/cubic foot/month. We will measure your units 3x/month and take the average of those measurements to calculate your monthly cost. For reference, a 60" standard pallet would be charged at $22.80/month.

Note: charges $0.75/cubic foot for standard size items. 
Additional Note: We will attempt to use the delivered boxes for your items at no charge! (Case packs especially)

Insurance - All of your items, while in our warehouse, are covered under our business insurance.

We will familiarize ourselves with your Amazon listings and your inventory to ensure that we are sending in the right items to the right listing. 

Direct Fulfillment

Fulfilled by Merchant / Direct Fulfillment (Amazon FBM, Walmart, Shopify, etc.)

Standard size items (24" or under) are fulfilled at a cost of $1.50/ shipment.

Oversize items (24" or over) are fulfilled at a cost of $3/shipment.

The cost of packaging materials/ boxes will be quoted per customer and will be variable depending on the size of your items. Poly mailers are the least expensive option and will be used if reasonable to ship your items in the method. Boxes vary in cost from 50¢ to $2.50 for *most standard-sized items.

You are welcome to provide us boxes and shipping materials yourself. 

Please allow 5 business days after we receive your items to order boxes specific to your products shipping requirements before we are relied upon to fulfill your direct fulfillment orders. If this can be properly coordinated prior to, this can be alleviated.

Blue Forest Fulfillment


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About Us

Here at Blue Forest Fulfillment, we want you to have a streamlined and easy process of getting your items to the FBA warehouse so you can focus on building. Our veteran-owned business has an easy and fast setup process, as well as an exclusive and small clientele list in order to stay organized and provide each customer with the best possible experience.