Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Fulfilled By Amazon Preparation Services, Direct Fulfillment, and Storage services.

Are my items inspected upon receipt?

Yes, if there are any damaged items, your case manager will annotate that on your Google Sheet. Just provide a return label via email and your damaged item(s) will be repackaged and shipped back to the retailer.

Is NC a Tax-Free State?

No, however if you contact us, we will be able to walk you through the process to register in NC so that you do not have to pay sales tax on goods shipped here. Additionally, most wholesale suppliers don’t require a certificate for the “Ship To” state, just the state of incorporation.

Why do I have to create a shipping plan if BFF has permissions for my account?

In order to mitigate unforeseen shipping issues, (Hazmat, Item gating, etc.) we ask that our clients create their own shipping plans, titled with Blue Forest Fulfillment and the date they expect their items to be shipped from our warehouse. This also allows the client to ensure their merchandise is on the correct listing and assign their own SKU.

Are there any items that require additional Fees?

Yes, items larger than 24 inches on any given side will incur an additional $1/item fee, along with bubble wrap and bundling. See our Solutions page for more details.

How will retail Arbitrage and Wholesale items be sent out if I send both?

The items would be sent together unless specified.

When will payment be required?

Upon completion of your shipment. You can pay via credit card at a 2% processing fee or ACH transaction at no fee. Qualification for net terms after 90 days of partnership with us is available.

How do I apply?

Just contact us by phone at 252-250-2095 (ext 100), or email at  [email protected] and we can get you set up! There’s no sign-up fee, and we require only minimal account permissions.

Does Blue Forest Fulfillment Do Anything Else?

Blue Forest Fulfillment falls under the umbrella of Blue Forest Enterprises, which is comprised of the Blue Forest Market and Blue Forest Consulting. Our capabilities span the entire e-commerce retail ecosystem. Blue Forest removes the need for brands to work with multiple agencies, offering a scalable, fully integrated suite of services that work together seamlessly in a single fulfillment center. 

Blue Forest Fulfillment


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About Us

Here at Blue Forest Fulfillment, we want you to have a streamlined and easy process of getting your items to the FBA warehouse so you can focus on building. Our veteran-owned business has an easy and fast setup process, as well as an exclusive and small clientele list in order to stay organized and provide each customer with the best possible experience.